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All the songs are here, good arrangement, See the movie first, First rate CD.
   Baha Ben Nakhla
I am very happy with this crib sheet, I purcahsed another because I liked how soft it was!
   Harry McAllister
Fit great. Love them.
   Anthony Long
   Emmett Corrigan
The way I am built with a longer upper body,  typically sweats or athletic pants are always too long.  I'm 5 foot 9 and have about a 28.5 inseam.  At first I thought these pants would be way too long,  but first thing I did was wash then in warm water,  dry,  then wash again.  Now they are just slightly long and should be perfect after a few more washes.  I thought from other reviews the elastic would cut into me,  but I found it to be extremely comfortable and keeps the pants up very well,  these are my favorite athletic pants to date and I've tried many.  After package arrived I washed and wore immediately,  liked them so much I went on amazon and bought 6 more due to in past when I found some I liked,  next time I went to buy them they were no longer available,  so now I stock up. Quality is above average and the elastic is coated I would say,  doesn't feel rough.
   Billie Rae Robertson
Not much to say here except these fit perfectly into my Hario pour over brewer, filter the coffee, and are reasonably priced.
   Melissa Lopez

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